Vocational Training Center

At SEVA NGO, we are providing vocational training to the girls and ladies of the poor families, in order to inculcate the various job skills in them. The idea is to make them equipped enough to be self reliant and help them provide financial support to their families.

The educational programs and training such as, beautician, Sewing, Cutting, Tailoring and painting, etc. help the girls and ladies to either work in the related occupations or start their own center to earn the living.

The SEVA NGO has its Vocational Training Center in south west Delhi, through which it’s helping hundreds of families by making informed, educated and financially independent. Here are the key vocational training programs being run at SEVA NGO:

Sewing, Cutting, & Tailoring Education Program

The key small courses, such as, Sewing, Cutting, & Tailoring has great potential to make good earning. Through these courses, you can not only get employed in relevant occupations (at factories, etc.), but also start a small scale business from home on your own. We charge nominal fees for these courses. Moreover, the required material is given to the trainees is given either free of cost or at subsidize price. After learning the Sewing tailoring, etc. the trainees not only can tailor and mend their own clothes, but also earn significant money by doing the tailoring job for the neighboring households or in factories, etc.

Beautician Education Program

Beautician Education Program is another vital course for girls and ladies. The girls from poor families are enrolled in this course by paying just a small fee. By learning the skills of a beautician through this program, the trainees can open their own small parlor or can find a beautician job in any reputed parlor.

Computer education Program

Computer education has a great significance in the modern era. A computer system is being used in almost every office, organization, shop, and institutions. Computer education is costly to learn for the have-nots, hence, we at SEVA NGO provided computer education by charging a small fee keeping in mind the poor families and their financial status.

Skill Development program

Skill Development program is another important vocational learning program provided to the girls and ladies of the rural areas with poor financial status. IN this program, we give them the training to make snacks, papers, chips, paper, etc. After this learning program, the trainees can make all these stuff at home and sell them in the local market.

All the teachers and trainers at SEVA NGO are highly qualified and experienced in their respective field of education and training.