Senior Citizen Day care center  

With a population of over 27 million, Delhi is a busy and densely populated capital city of India. Delhi NCR region has many educational institutions, temples, parks, hospitals, etc. as part of the infrastructure. However, when it comes to old age homes or Daycare center for senior citizens, only few institutions are there.

This is the reason that we at Seva NGO has made an effort to fulfill the need of a fully equipped Senior Citizen Day care center of the city. A full day activity along with a day care center is quite essential for senior citizens. It helps channelize their energy and provides them to interact with diverse groups of the people.

When a person retires, he gets disconnected from the social groups and hence, tends to get depressed and irritated with himself and people around. The personal motivation self esteem also goes down in such cases. Hence, Seva NGO plays a vital role in providing the old age people a thriving and joyful ageing.

Key productive activities done in the SEVA NGO Senior Citizen Day care center in South West Delhi, makes a useful contribution to the society, which has economical value as well.  The physical activity as well as social interaction is good for the senior citizens, which keeps them fit physically and mentally. Moreover, at Seva NGO, they get love, care, respect along with the emotional support, which is quite essential for the people at this age.