Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

Seva NGO collect information when you make donations, attend an even or volunteer in number of ways from like when you register the any form like donation, event, etc.

When you pursure contribution or donation for Seva NGO, to ensure the genuinatity the contributer have to submit some personal information like

  • Your name
  • Your email and mailing address
  • Your telephone number
  • Your payment processing details
  • Any other data as required

Seva Ngo does not store or record any visitor user personal information till he/she chooses to submit.

Use of Personal Information

Seva Ngo uses personally identifiable information you provide about yourself:

  • To process your donation
  • To send you a receipt for your donation
  • To send you a thank you note for your donation or volunteering
  • To respond to your questions or comments about Seva NGO
  • To send you additional information about Seva NGO Projects
  • To send you invitations for upcoming events that may interest you.

Seva NGO will not use personal information in any way other than as described under Terms & Conditions. Exceptions to these are limited to sharing personal information to cooperate with law enforcement officials.


You can opt out of the e-mail updates by clicking the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of each email or contacting us directly.

Cookie Policy

  • Cookies are pieces of electronic information which will be sent by SevaNGO when a user visits the website. These will be placed in the hard disk of the user’s computer and enable Seva NGO to recognise the user when he/she visits the website again.
  • The user can configure his/her browser so that it responds to cookies the way he/she deems fit. For example, you make want to accept all cookies, reject them all or get notified when a cookie is sent. The users may check their browser’s settings to modify cookie behaviour as per individual behaviour.
  • If a user disables the use of cookies on the web browser, or removes or rejects specific cookies from Seva NGO website or linked sites then he/she may not be able to use the website as it is intended.

Payment Gateway

  • Sena NGO uses well-recognised and proven technology for payments. Payment information is transferred by the use of an SSL connection which offers the highest degree of security that the donor’s browser is able to support.
  • Several layers of built-in security, including an advanced firewall system, encryption of credit card numbers, and use of passwords, protect the collected information.

No liability

  • Our Website has links to other websites that may collect identifiable information about you. Seva NGO cannot ensure the privacy practices of other sites and are not responsible for any damages due to them.

Changes to Privacy Policy

  • As and when the need arises, Seva NGO may alter its privacy policy in accordance with the latest technology and trends. It will provide you with timely notice of these changes. The users may reach out to Seva NGO if they have any queries about any changes made to its practices.
  • If you have any questions at all about Seva NGO privacy policy, please write to us at: