Free education provider for poor children

Education is a right of every child. It is essential for multidimensional growth and development of any kid. Good food and nutrition can help the body grow, however, for the mental, and intellectual growth of a child, school education is necessary.

It inculcates the key aspects of manners, morality, and social behavior to gradually convert the raw and uninformed kids in to a mature, knowledgeable, and responsible individual in a society. Education also makes the children qualified, educated and equipped enough to get a job for themselves and earn their living in the society.

Quality education makes children aware about health benefits and things as to how they can prevent themselves from various diseases and pollution. Hence, education is integral part of the growth and development process of the children, which helps them become good citizens of the country.

However, despite all the benefits a child can get from a good education, today, in India, millions of children are deprived from this basic right. Poverty and unawareness are the biggest enemies of education, which deny education to millions of children in India.

Hence, we at SEVA NGO making a small but very important contribution to the society by providing free education to the poor children. We are the free education provider for poor children in Najafgarh, South West Delhi. We offer education and various types of vocational training to the poor children for free, such as, computer education, adult education, Beautician Education, Sewing, Cutting & Tailoring Education, etc.