Counseling for women and children Harassment

Counseling for women and children Harassment in Delhi is the most sensitive issue that is often not given the much needed concern and importance. However, with the rising cases of women harassment and child abuse, the government various NGOs have taken steps to address this major problem of the society.

Women Abuse and Harassment

Domestic violence is one of the major causes of women harassment in the society. The domestic violence and abuse has many forms in the society, such as, sexual, physical, financial, and emotional. The cause of harassment and abuse can be husband or any other member in the family. Rape and Sexual assault is another key form of Women abuse and harassment.

We at SEVA NGO have formed a special cell that takes care of the Counseling for women and children Harassment in Najafgarh, Delhi. This special division is involved in counseling, emotional support, legal advice and assistance, etc. we provide them medical help, immediate shelter support, filing of police complaint, Individual/couple/family counseling, emotional support, etc.

Child Abuse and Harassment

Sexual abuse of children is another major problem in the society. The rising cases of child abuse are threatening the health, safety, development, and well being of the innocent children. As per a study report, children’s exposure to sexual abuse and violence can have mental, physical, emotional, and psychological affect on their personality in the long term. It can also have grave affect their growth and development. Child abuse has many forms, such as, bullying, stalking, harassment, and sexual exploitation, trafficking, etc.

At SEVA NGO, we take care of all such child abuse cases and offer Counseling for women and children Harassment in Dwarka. We provide them emotional support, counseling, medical help, immediate shelter support, police complaint and protection, etc. to safeguard their childhood and deny the adverse affects on their personality.