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SEVA NGO,a non government organization founded in the year 2007 with an objective to save the valuable resources of mother earth. Conserving valuable resources educated and healthy society, unemployment, lack of professional trainings are presently the most critical issues which needs to be addressed. The government on the other hand is also taking various steps towards the issue of environment, employment etc. the mass of today is busy with their own problems of earning bread, looking after their family etc. and cannot devote their time for the society they live.

On the other hand the weaker section is always neglected they are unable to contact the appropriate authority for the problems due to their illiteracy and they also cannot contribute anything for the society, initiated its mission to achieve its goal for conserving valuable resources of mother earth, organizing training ,workshops, health campaigns, providing education to weaker section , providing employment to weaker section , providing aids to the needy people etc. thus making our country once again the “ SONE KI CHIDIYA” (Golden Sparrow). Presently , all the financial needs are being taken care by the members of the advisory board.